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welcome to we are deathless. we are located in fictional volstead, maine just off the upper northeastern corner of great lake matagamon. we are a supernatural site that focuses more on witches and the russian folklore we've adapted for our plot. if you feel like joining, please have a look around! - admin -

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 The Storms Come Rolling In, September 13
- Emily -
29 years old
- 83 posts -
Sep 18 2017, 09:02 PM

prologue subplot #2

september 13, 2017

Rain is not uncommon in Volstead. In fact, it's not uncommon in the Northeast at all. What is uncommon is the amount of rain the small town has begun receiving.

It starts mid-September; the rain clouds gather and they darken and the sun can barely penetrate them. The town is slightly darker as the clouds overhead turn darker and angrier. And then finally on the 13th, they let loose. They open up and dump water all over the small town, drenching everyone and everything. The rainstorm starts around noon.

And then abruptly stops exactly as it starts about two hours later.

Each day it does this. Each September day from noon until two, it's a constant dumping of rain. The hours leading up to the storms are dark and dreary and remind everyone of some scary scene in a movie and then the moment the storm is over, the clouds start to dissipate and the 'normalness' of the afternoon starts to reappear.

The storms start off as normal water colour; then by the time October rolls around, they're just as purple as the rest of the water that flows through the town.

So far, the only thing within Volstead's magical border that hasn't yet been touched by the strange magic is the Lake. But many are left wondering how much longer it will be before even the lake's waters are as violet as the rest of the area ...

just a note

Please remember that this is not an optional thing. Just as with the first parts of the prologue, this is something the whole town will take notice of. The fog is also still around, the storms don't seem to chase it away.

This arc will continue until its resolution in a following chapter. That could be Chapter 1 or it could be further down the line. After the first week of storms, the rainwaters will start to change colour, slowly but surely changing into the purple that the town has [or hasn't!] grown accustomed to.

and so there is magic;
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