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 The Tide is Turning, wed, november 1 | mackenzie
- Shelby -
29 years old
- 60 posts -
Nov 5 2017, 07:27 AM

It had been a few weeks since Mackenzie and George went from moderately friendly neighbours to the strange sensei-and-student relationship they had now.

George had plenty of time during his walk to the town centre to cringe over the presumptuous nature of offering to teach her. It wasn’t like he was particularly talented with water magic. Picking up the kickstand and bike chain, he went back to the Reid home with every intention of knocking on the door and letting them know that maybe they should visit with Colbie at Five Elements instead or maybe get in touch with some of the more senior witches.

But, he didn’t do that at all. He did visit the property to install the kickstand and chain but other than a friendly wave and a promise that she would get him back for the price of the fix they didn’t talk much.

In fact, other than bringing in Henry once to Amaryllis later that week, they didn’t talk much at all. The witch had almost forgotten he had offered, caught up in meet and greets with locals and newcomers, but abruptly she called.

It started like a trickle. First a few questions over the phone, advancing until he was offering to pop over there to show her real quick or explain a concept. While some questions were easy others were much, much harder. He had to go through his own families’ ancient grimoires and freshen himself on the ways of magic.

Several weeks in, the back and forth was easy between them. It was easy because, frankly, George didn’t try to snoop in Mackenzie’s life and she had done him the same respect. No talks of his separation, of her mother, of the dark theories behind the changes in the world around them. Kept it focused just on the magic at hand. It was getting more difficult to do it though, especially now that people were convinced that Baba Yaga was cornering them.


George pitched the concept of visiting the lake to Mackenzie a few days ago and she had agreed. It would be a chance to see what she could do with an endless supply.

This morning, he had picked her up in the Trailblazer and they headed out. He was quiet, breathing a slight sigh of relief when they did cross the town borders and the sky’s green tint dissipated. It was a bright shade of blue still. At least the magic was contained.

The drive wasn’t too far and soon George pulled off the side of the road to a local-known trail that lead right down to the water’s edge without having to fuss through the front gates or the campgrounds. There were some empties littered on the trail; the spot was a prime party place and George himself had memories of the times in high school coming down here.

Soon enough, the expanse of the lake was before them.

”How’s the ice-magic going for ya,” asked George, looking over his shoulder to Mackenzie. ”I was thinking of trying something new with it.”

Mackenzie Reid

- MJ -
24 years old
- 37 posts -
Nov 26 2017, 01:43 AM
After accidentally outing her magical secret to George Jones down the road one mid-August morning, Mackenzie had tentatively begun to experiment with her new-found abilities. Originally she had been more than a little hesitant to use them but after George's encouragement she figured it couldn't cause that much harm. And it hadn't. Well, not in the catastrophic manner that Mackenzie had envisioned it might. There was the odd little mishap, but usually nothing a towel couldn't mop up in the end. At least that was one advantage to water based powers.

Things had gone well until she managed to freeze an entire glass of water solid and promptly freaked out about it. In retrospect it made sense that her water based powers might extend beyond just physically moving water but then and there it was something completely new and weird. Mackenzie had been impressed with her ability to sound calm over the phone as she explained the situation to George and tried to find out from someone who actually knew how magic worked, to an extent, if freezing things was something to be worried about.

After the first phone call George had been her go to for any magical questions. It just made sense, really. Besides herself he knew the most about her abilities and how they were developing. He always had an answer for her, even if he did have to take a day or two to research said answer.

It was almost November when George floated the idea of heading out to the lake. Something about trying some things out with a large body of water, like the streets weren't practically flooded every day by their- regular enough to set a watch by it- rain storms. Still, she figured it couldn't hurt to see what George wanted to try. Not to mention it might give her a second chance to scout out the forrest and find out more information about this 'Baba Yaga' half the town was talking about. So when George arrived in his SUV Mackenzie had jumped in ready for what would, at the very least, be a somewhat informative day.

The drive into the forest didn't take too long and the walk down the lake trail had been pleasant. So used to all the water around being purple, Mackenzie did find herself a little surprised to find the lake water was actually the colour that water should be.

"It's going well," she replied. "I just channel my inner Elsa, makes it a lot easier." The second part was only half a joke.

Mackenzie made her way to the edge of the lake, crouching down by the water's edge so she could run her fingers through it. It was quite cold, which made sense considering how close they were to winter. She just hoped whatever George wanted to try wouldn't end up with her in the lake.

"Okay," she said, standing up and wiping her wet hand on her pant leg. "What's this new thing you want me to try?"

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