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 Til I'm Done, Til I'm Done, 42 | Aden | Casper Zafer
- Aden -
years old
- 1 posts -
Oct 30 2017, 07:49 PM
Timofei Voronin
The following lists are mandatory to fill out. We realize that some of these things are painstaking and somewhat annoying, but they'll help us to help you develop your character!
full name: Timofei Fyoforovich Voronin
nicknames/aliases: Tim (but you don't call him that unless he offers it to you), Voronin
age: Forty Two
date of birth: 5 November, 1975 (Scorpio)
place of birth: Anchorage, Alaska
nationality: American
ethnicity: Russian
gender: Male
pronouns: He/Him
occupation: Coven Leader & Family Heir
member group: Witch - Voronin coven
playby: Casper Zafer
height: 6'1"
weight: Sturdy
hair color: Dark Blond
eye color: Hazel
tattoos: None
piercings: None
scars: Assortment of them, most noticeable would be claw marks on his arms
glasses/contacts: Glasses, for reading
distinguishing features: He prefers not to be distinguished easily
sexual orientation: Heterosexual
romantic orientation: Heteroromantic
parents: Fyodor and Svetlana
siblings: None
children: None he is aware of currently
other family: Many cousins and assorted relations
relationship status: Cautious
current partner: Open
The following lists are entirely optional. You do not have to fill out any of the following information. You may add or delete as you wish! Have fun!
physical ailments: Missing a toe, Requires glasses for reading
neurological ailments: None known
allergies: Grass
current addictions: Smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish
past addictions: Assorted herbal concoctions that he tries keeps off of to stay sharp
smoking: Often
drugs: Occassionally
alcohol: Regularly
negative traits: Cold, Impatient, Deceptive
positive traits: Charming, Organized, Ambitious
alignment: Lawful Evil
hogwarts house: SlythClaw
pet peeves: People who don't understand personal space, Puttering with technology instead of making eye contact
bad habits: Walking slowly, Casually insulting
fears: Failure
hopes and dreams: Voronin and witches controlling all
likes: Birds, Knowledge, Books
dislikes: Technological dependence, Humans, To lack information
movie: The Prestige
book: Anna Karenina
character: Koschie
author: Terry Pratchett
food: Anything he can dip bread into
school subject: History
season: Winter
color: Red
feeling: Introspection
person: His grandfather
From Nest To Egg
The Voronin coven had traveled north east after receiving their piece of the heart. They eagerly participated in the wars over the heart pieces. They had been trusted to keep it safe, but the first Timofei, the grandfather of the man who leads today started to wonder. He wondered what if they did join the heart together? What would be granted to them? To him? He raised his children on this idea, and in turn, they did the same. He slid these ideas not just in their minds, but others in the coven. Soon, there was a civil war, a nasty time of infighting when brother would betray brother, leading to the rise of Timofei to take the reigns and those who disagreed with him would be forced to follow or leave. His son Fydor followed, and he became his second

When his only son was born, Fydor knew he would be meant for greatness and gave him his grandfather's name. Timofei grew up knowing that his people should be in charge because they knew what was best. His father took control not long after his birth, leading countless missions and spreading anti-human beliefs among his people upon every return. Constant stories of human cruelty, stupidity, how they needed the help of the witches, the command of those who simply knew better. They would be helping this poor fools by taking them over. Timofei ate this up.

All Crows Are Not Ravens
Timofei was a voracious learning. He read everything put in his hands, good or bad. He loved maps, histories, but biographies bored him. They were so often written by humans, for humans, he read more fantasy, finding it closer to life, to the stories he knew of Baba Yaga, Koschei, and the creatures of those old days. He was home schooled, familiar by his side to absorb the lessons as well. The creature stayed in the shape of bird under insistence of the coven. All familiars were to be birds to deliver messages when one was away. Timofei never thought twice about this, it was simply how it was, so he would sit with the creature and review lessons together while their shared his dinner.

Now The Crows Own The Field
A small little blurb about your character here. Have fun with it!
If you're intelligent, useful, and of a magical nature, he could probably get on well enough with you.
He's more of the "sleep with them, then leave them" kind of guy. I'd be curious to see what a romance would be like for him though.
I'm expecting more of this than anything. His family is not on good terms with other covens and with him and his team coming to town to investigate goings on, well, I am fully expecting people to bonk heads. This doesn't even include his general disinterest and condescending nature toward humans.
All the other stuff can go here. Feel free to change the header names!

age: here
pronouns: in letters
timezone: --- [+/- ##]
contact: here
triggers: here
mature threading: here
other characters: here
Your writing style: Just a small little blurb about what you write and what you expect from your partners. Just remember that board standard is third person. Past or present tense is acceptable.
Never a good sign, he thought, when the crows showed up.
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