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 WHAT IS GOING ON!, tag: Sam / Heather
- Dino -
29 years old
- 23 posts -
Oct 7 2017, 07:27 AM
Sam had left to go get something, KC hadn’t really been paying attention since it was early for him, so he just curled up on Sam’s bed and went back to sleep. He liked sleep, sometimes more than going places with Sam, however this time sleep had betrayed him. It was only moments after he fell asleep that he felt like his toes were cold. This was a strange sensation, but his sleepy mind ignored the fact and tried to bring them closer to his chest. It was only when he felt a knee against his stomach that KC started to wake up.

“Sam…?” he said in a groggy voice. He assumed it was Sam getting back in bed and trying to move KC out of the way, but at hearing a voice that did not belong to his human inside their house he realized something was wrong. Sitting up he looked around for the intruded to their place, for surely that was who had spoken, but found he was looking at their bedroom from a totally different angle.

For a second he just froze there, not sure what to do or what was happening. Panic was swelling up inside of him and when he finally felt like he could move again he brought his hands up to his face. His face, his hands, this was all wrong. He was a human. That was all it took for KC to completely lose it, the realization that he was no longer a dog and in a human body he couldn’t contain his fear any longer.

Best friends forever?

Samuel Turner
OCC: The outfit part is blank on purpose xD
- Heather -
29 years old
- 13 posts -
Oct 14 2017, 11:20 PM
Sam hated getting up in the morning but the early release of the beta his company required him to get up, get dressed and head out to the main storefront. He had left his familiar behind seeing as KC wasn't allowed inside and he was asleep anyway. No point in waking up him, anyway. While he was out, Sam got some groceries too. After parking in front of his apartment, Sam popped his earphones before grabbing the beta game box and grocery bags before shutting the trunk of his car and heading inside.

He hardly noticed anything amiss as he started putting things away. Milk, eggs, the basics. He was out of almost everything, even the dogfood. KC would at least be happy. He left the beta game box on the counter of the coffee table before the wire of earphones got caught and his left one fell out and dangled above the floor. The sudden sound of his name from his bedroom startled him and soon Sam had turned off his iPhone and removed his earphones, setting them on the table as well. Where was KC and who was shouting in his room?

Sam let out a breath before opening the door and peering cautiously into the room. A very tall, very naked man was freaking out inside. What the literal fuck.
"Ah, excuse me, sir?"
Who the hell was this guy?!
"Who are you and how do you know my name? Why are you in my bedroom?"
He was going to call the cops, that was how he was going to start his day. Where the fuck was KC?
Yeah, it was that bad. The only problem was, KC didn't come. Sam paled a bit. Did he do something to his familiar? Where was KC? It was kind of hard to have KC keep this guy in place while he called the cops when KC didn't appear like he usually did.

KC Turner

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