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 you could have it all, 32 | Danielle | Mahesh Jadu
- Danielle -
32 years old
- 6 posts -
Oct 28 2017, 04:34 AM
Izra Liang

full name: izra khan liang
nicknames/aliases: izzy
age: thirty-two
date of birth: 10th August, 1985
place of birth: Volstead, Maine
nationality: American
ethnicity: Indian/Mauritian
gender: male
pronouns: he/him
occupation: lawyer
member group: witch
playby: Mahesh Jadu
height: 6'2"
weight: 180lbs
hair color: black hair to his shoulders
eye color: honey brown eyes
tattoos: here
piercings: both ears
scars: a long scar on his shin from breaking his leg as a kid
glasses/contacts: reading glasses
distinguishing features: tall stature, honeyed eyes
sexual orientation: bisexual
romantic orientation: demiromantic
parents: Radhika Khan (deceased), Kaleem Khan (whereabouts unknown)
siblings: Duke Liang (adoptive brother), Lynn Liang (adoptive sister)
children: N/A
other family: Zhao Liang & Louisa Briar-Liang (adoptive parents)
relationship status: single
current partner: n/a

physical ailments: creaky knee when it's cold out
neurological ailments: PTSD
allergies: N/A
current addictions: Coffee
past addictions: smoking
smoking: not anymore
drugs: in college
alcohol: after a long day
negative traits: secretive, stubborn - once his mind is made up nothing can change it, possessive, envious, regretful
positive traits: witty, quick imaginative mind, strategic thinker, observant, independent and decisive - will make a decision without consulting anyone else, daring
alignment: true neutral
myers-briggs: INTJ - The Architect
element: air
hogwarts house: ravenclaw
divergent faction: Erudite
pet peeves: bad liars, overly cheerful people in the morning, anyone telling him what he should do with his magic
bad habits: his coffee consumption, lying or telling half truths
fears: Taza coming back from the dead or haunting him, failure, large expanses of water.
hopes and dreams: His hopes are simple, he just wants to build a career and survive.
likes: coffee, green tea, chinese take out, busy city streets, old volumes of law books, cookies, black boots, cats.
dislikes: swimming, being late, wearing ties, losing at board games.
television show: Daredevil
movie: Gone Girl
book: Lord of the Rings triology
character: Bob from Bobs Burgers
author: Tolkien
song: I Won't Back Down - Tom Petty
food: curries
school subject: history / law
holiday: halloween
season: winter
color: red
feeling: content
location: new york
person: Duke (begrudgingly)
I'm a phoenix in the water
CONTENT WARNING: murder, parental death, death, mentions of ptsd

He came into the world too stubborn to make a noise, keeping in every sound until the doctors forced him to cry. He was placed against his mother's chest and it was the first time he would find a home. The Khan's weren't wealthy, they didn't have much but they never needed it. Izra was a bright and bubbly boy who acted fifteen years older than he was at all times. It may have been because he was an only child but he was stubborn and competitive with everything he did. If he wasn't winning, he would become grumpy about it; something his mother had picked up on and tried to train him out of.

It was one day, when his parents were called to the school because of his behaviour and a burst of magic had pulsed from the small body. He was expecting both of his parents to show up, knowing that his father was the magical one but only his mother showed up. The punishment was dealt out and they returned home early only to find that their home had been ransacked. At first they thought they had been robbed but when they looked about, it was clear that only his father's items were gone and nothing else. The only sign of his father that was left was a note that simply read I'm sorry and goodbye.

Whilst Izra was angry, he refused to let it show. Even at eight, he ensure that they would be okay to his mother and move on from it. That seemed to easy and perhaps he had jinxed himself because only a month later, his mother was taken and used as the sacrifice that keeps the magic protected in Volstead. Izra didn't know any better. He only found out when he woke in the morning with strange people in his home, telling him there would be a funeral and then he would be adopted to a family.

A fish that's learned to fly

They rushed through a funeral and Izra was left in the custody of a human family. The Liang's took him in like he was one of their own but Izra hated it. He hated his new little brother and the sympathetic looks everyone kept giving him. All he wanted was his mother, or his father. He wanted to get home and instead he gained a new family.

The first few months were rough. His grades slipped and while he was never rude to the new family, he wasn't kind either. It took a while before he warmed up to anyone but when he did it was Duke that pulled him out of his shell and finding that one bit of kindness in him. It was hard for Izra to let the other young boy in, scared that it would be taken from him just like his parents had.

It took time but eventually Izra began to understand that it was a permanent situation and got comfortable in his new home. He had two siblings, something he had never had before and it showed with his stubbornness. After the first few months things began to settle down and life became normal. He was adopted, officially, a year later and the Liang's became his new family though he never forgot about his mother, or stopped wondering what happened to his father.

And I've always been a son
He never quite saw Duke as a brother but they did become best friends. This friendship grew stronger during middle school and high school when they expanded their group to more. Taza became third wheel to their friendship, the one girl they both looked up to in a ways. He also had a close rivalry with Arielle but it was friendly. Mostly. They both wanted to succeed academically and pushed each other towards that.

Izra had never been great socially but academically he began to really push himself, deciding that he wanted to get a scholarship for college. It was a burden he didn't want to put on his adoptive parents considering they had two of their own children to put through school. It was just one of the things that pushed him towards getting good grades.

The other was because he wanted to leave Volstead. Through a series of interactions with his Coven, Izra began to slowly put the pieces together about what happened to his mother. It had always been talked about in hushed conversations and curiosity got the best of him. In his senior year, he discovered the awful truth. His father, having known that his mother was to be sacrificed left town because he didn't want to deal with it. Then his mother was taken for the sacrifice. The truth was far more awful that Izra could have anticipated.

It was all he needed to know that he didn't want to use his magic anymore. He had always been secretive about it but from that day on he surpressed the urge to use it and even began downright refusing to attend anything coven related. That stubbron streak held true until he graduated.

But feathers are meant for the sky
With the end of high school came the college letters. He hadn't quite been able to out smart Arielle but he did manage to get scholarships for a few different schools. Duke had decided not to go so he followed Taza to California, enrolling into Stanford Pre Law. With a friend only an hour away, it didn't seem so bad.

After a few months of settling into their new lives and schools, they bumped into each other at a social event. Then it became more frequent, one deciding to make the hour trip on the weekend to see each other and hang out. It went from hanging out to something more but it was never quite romantic. They didn't have enough time with school and social lives.

Izra would never admit that he felt something more. He had dealt with enough loss and rejection that he was wary about putting his heart on the line for anything.

In the summer before Taza turned twenty-one, they returned home for a big hooray. With Taza going overseas to complete a ritual (something Izra was wary about), they decided to go on a big camping trip together. It was good being back with his friends but he began to notice the subtleties of Duke and Taza.

Over dinner, Duke revealed his feelings and Izra grew irrationally angry even though he had the upper hand already. It was later that night that Izra and Taza snuck to swim in the moonlight and to talk about things and Taza decided to break off whatever they had together.

In a fit of anger and jealousy, he reached out to grab Taza's wrist and a burst of electric energy pulsed through them both. The shock was too much for Taza and she fell back, limp and lifeless into the water. Going into a state of shock, Izra left and went back to camp, unsure of what to say or do. It was the next morning that they found Taza. Everyone thought Izra was in shock like the rest of them. And he was, except he knew she hadn't drowned. It had been his fault that she died.

When the summer ended, Izra went to New York, enrolled into Columbia University's Law program and didn't look back. He returned home only for the holidays, Summer's were filled with internships and excuses. He couldn't return home when it held so many ghosts for him.

so I'm wishing further for the excitement to arrive
With his focus back on school, Izra kept his head down and worked his butt off to graduate near the top of his class. His summer internships landed him with a job and he decided to stay in New York. It was a tough environment but it kept his mind busy, something he found out he needed. If he could bury himself in a case, he was less likely to sleep and that meant he would dream of Taza or the pained expression of his brother.

He spent five years working as a defendant for a large firm before he heard the news about Volstead. The strange occurrences didn't sit well with him. With his deep distrust of the Orolov Coven, he decided that he would return home to see what was going on. He had earned a decent wage for his years as a lawyer and decided to take what he had and go home with it.

He moved back into his parents home while he got back on his feet, completing the bar for Maine and setting up an office in the heart of town. They hadn't been kidding. Things in town were going to hell and he still had no answers as to why. After a month or so, he decided to move in with Duke and get out of his parents hair. It wasn't ideal considering the heavy secret that he carried but no one knew. That was guilt he would have to carry for the rest of his life, not Duke.

Izra is a lot of things, a stubborn jerk is pretty high on that list. It comes naturally to him and he's dealt with some stuff though that doesn't excuse his behaviour. He hates his magic and rarely uses it so if you bring that up, he'll likely change the subject.
There are very few that he considers close friends. He is a very guarded person and holds secrets close to his chest. There are a few that have crept in and under that demeanor but it is few and far between. That being said, he is still a pretty charismatic guy. As a lawyer, he has to dazzle and charm clients and juries and can feel personable but he is more likely to be your acquaintance that your friend.
Izra is more likely to have 'lovers' than real relationships. The kid has got some serious abandonment issues and that reflects in his dating life. The closest he got to having a real relationship was broken off before he could tell her how he felt. That being said, he is bisexual and has had romantic flings with all genders.
He's not a really nice kind of guy, he's stubborn and rude and rather closed off. It wouldn't be hard to get on his bad side or vice versa. He also has a big issue with magic and the sacrifices that need to be made for it. He dismisses most of his coven and left town for a long time to avoid it.
He did grow up in the town and was part of the Orolov Coven at a young age. That being said, he's just gotten back to town so people might be happy to see him or at least remember him from before he went off to college. He is also a lawyer in town and likely dealing with family law and small criminal disputes and such, so anyone who deals in that sort of thing might be interested in talking with him.

age: twenty-eight
pronouns: she/her
timezone: Aus GMT +10
contact: discord or pms
triggers: graphic gore
mature threading: I have no problem with mature threads so long as we've developed where it's going.
other characters: Wicek Morozov
Your writing style: I tend to mimic my writing partner, preferrably third person. It can switch between present and past tense really depending on what is going on in the thread. I think I get a decent mix of dialogue and inner monologue, I know I sometimes lack in action but I'm working on it!
What have I become, my sweetest friend? Everyone I know goes away in the end.
- Emily -
30 years old
- 59 posts -
Nov 7 2017, 07:30 PM
Welcome to We Are Deathless! We're happy that you've decided to join us and you have of course been accepted! Now that your character is a part of our board, please make sure to do all of your claims so that you can get right into plotting and threading and having a lot of fun!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Izra Liang First of all, apologies for taking so long to accept hm. Second: POOR BABY!
Ugh. I want to wrap him up and hug him tightly.

Lissa, as usual, just wants to befriend everyone xD She'd happily have a glass of wine or give him some company if she ever saw him alone anywhere.
Lissa & Izra
- Celly -
Thirty years old
- 12 posts -
Nov 8 2017, 12:49 AM
Not being magical at all (besides the power that she isn't really recognizing), I think they could get along. He could pop by the restaurant and she would serve him and talk about things with him and if her ex comes into town, she would go to him for legal advice.
izra & nora
- Danielle -
32 years old
- 6 posts -
Nov 11 2017, 06:12 AM
He could totally use a friend in that respect. He's kinda always been in the town but went off for law school and came back, so he's a bit of a loner. She's welcome to come join him for a drink!
Lissa & Izra

Vasilisa Briar
- Danielle -
32 years old
- 6 posts -
Nov 11 2017, 06:14 AM
That would totally be viable thing to do if you'd want to! He used to be a criminal lawyer but because it's a small town he's more of a jack of all trades now so if she needed legal advice, he could help somehow~
Nora & Izra

Leonora Wallace
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