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welcome to we are deathless. we are located in fictional volstead, maine just off the upper northeastern corner of great lake matagamon. we are a supernatural site that focuses more on witches and the russian folklore we've adapted for our plot. if you feel like joining, please have a look around! - admin -

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 it's a charmed knock life, November 17
- Emily -
29 years old
- 83 posts -
Nov 17 2017, 05:50 PM

subplot one

november 17, 2017

Remember that old crone who kept muttering under her breath as she walked down the streets of Volstead? Well she's still there, still muttering, and now more bat crazy than ever. She hounds people, walking up to them and sticking her finger into their face and nearly calling out "BABA YAGA! BABA YAGA!" ... But of course, nobody wants to believe those stories.

And to be fair, most of the humans don't.

The witches however? They do, and they're worried. Baba Yaga was rumoured to be Koschei's right hand woman back in the day. But how could she possibly still be alive? Nobody wants to take any chances, though. It's too risky. With the strange magic, the humans gaining supernatural powers, the familiars walking on two feet without scales, fur, or feathers ... At this point, anything could happen.

And so it does.

One day, a mysterious little booth is set up in the town square. Nobody knows where it came from or who exactly is running it, but they're selling charms. Charms to keep your kids safe, charms to ward off evil, charms to warn you of nefarious deeds happening around you. These charms are being bought and sold by humans, witches, and familiars alike. But at what cost?

Some of the charms seem to be doing more harm than good. Little Suzie-Anne was riding her bike after her mother bought her one and the next thing anyone knew, she was in Volstead Medical with six broken bones.

Kip Brandyworth bought himself a charm and the breaks gave out on his car and now he's lying fast asleep in the ICU.

Louella Sykes seemed to get lucky, though. She bought herself a charm and won $500 in the lottery this week.

So what's up with these crazy charms? Nobody knows ... Yet. And the crazy old Crone doesn't know, either.

just a note

It's totally up to you if your character would buy one of these charms. It's also up to you if you want them to be one of the lucky few who actually manage to get a good one -- but please don't have everyone getting the good ones, because where's the fun in that?

Everything from the prologue is still happening. The fog, the rain [which is now fully purple] are still daily things. But now, the snow season is starting to pick up. Light dustings of snow are falling every once in a while and mixed with the daily rain, that's a hazard nobody wants to deal with. And some are starting to wonder if the snow is going to end up purple as well... Only time will tell.

and so there is magic;
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