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 it all went wrong, sunday, oct 1 - kc
- Shelby -
29 years old
- 31 posts -
Oct 10 2017, 07:10 PM
The clouds roiled dangerously above but Henry knew by now the clockwork of the rain. It would be a couple hours before noon hit and before the rain came pouring down. The woods had the smell of fall to it, the mustiness of leaves rotting into the damp soil overpowering to the human nose.

The bear had chosen to adapt his native form for this trek, his large brown for lumbering through the undergrowth of the wood. There was something soft-looking jammed in his jaw but otherwise there was little to suggest that he was anything but a bear. Claws dug at the soft soil, leaving tracks that read to any common outlier not to follow. It was something he had done for years. Each summer there would be a rumour spread of a beast in the woods, something dangerous lurking. They were right, but it wasn’t Henry that was dangerous.

They did it for the greater good.

Henry would circle back at times, hiding the direct path of his trail. Soon his path was completely hidden by winding, snaking roots that spread like something infectious around the trunks of the other trees. Some of the smaller, weaker trees were black already, deadened by the mass of roots that spread from the Cloaking Tree. Others stood their ground, guardians to the old magic.

Eventually his winding trail ended. He found what he was looking for. He tilted his head back, huffing in the smells of the area. The electric smell of magic lingered permanently, almost masking the irony smell of blood but not for Henry. A low grumble was expressed through his maw, dropping the fabric he was holding in his mouth. A pair of dark-coloured jogging pants and a light sweater. Insisted upon by one never-nude George.

He shifted to his human form, hesitating a moment before putting in the clothes. It was stressed to him he could do a lot of stupid things but being naked wasn’t one of them. The woods were so quiet here and now the smell of blood was gone to his human nose. He walked up to the base of the tree, the magic in the air still raising his hair on edge. A broad palm touched the base and he stared up the length of the tree, trying to look through the thicket of branches to see the emerald sky above.

Henry sometimes almost thought this change to a human form was meant to be. So long he and the other Jones familiars lived on the edge of the witches’ lives. Loved and cared for, yes, he could admit that. But not respected. The world of magic wasn’t respected. Perhaps this was the magic’s way of showing all those witches that those days were over: that it could not be ignored or contained so easily anymore.

Many of these thoughts Henry had learned to hide from George over time. But the bear made one thing clear: Henry knew that it was here in Volstead that he and George belonged.

His brow furrowed, but there was a ferocious grin on his face as he almost felt the magic crackle beneath his palm. He removed it slowly and began staring at it intently, forgetting that his human senses would be poor to pick up on anybody who had chosen not to heed the warning and see where the bear had gone.

KC Turner

- Dino -
29 years old
- 23 posts -
Oct 14 2017, 10:57 AM
exploration at it's finest
Being a human was fun, more fun than KC had ever imagined, but sometimes he missed just being a dog. Humans could do so many things, but their hearing sucked and smells just weren’t the same. There was also the issue of clothing, which KC still didn’t care for. Shoes were the worst honestly, poor human feet could get hurt in so many ways, so even though he loved being human sometimes he just wanted to run around as a dog.

After strolling through town KC decided to take a walk in the woods. When they were younger he would go with Sam, but he knew Sam was working and had no problem going by himself for once. Before stepping into the woods he put his nose to the air, taking in the smell of the woods. The earth that he knew would be wet sooner rather than later, not that he minded. Sure, the rain was a strange color but he loved the feel of rain running down his coat. Sam would just have to deal with the wet dog smell later.

Although at first KC was just wandering the woods he soon realized that he feet were taking him down an all too familiar path. Once he realized where he was headed he started to cover up his tracks a bit, doing this and that to make sure that if anyone was following him they wouldn’t be able to. The further along that he went the more things started to look different, that the roots from the all-powerful tree were everywhere.

It was the smell of another that reached his nose before anything else. Freezing in place he mentally scolded himself for not paying better attention on his way there. As a human he wouldn’t have smelled anything, but in his natural form he could smell the bear. Where most people would think a bear meant danger, with the location being where it was KC was pretty sure he knew just who was up ahead.

Shifting into his human form KC grabbed the clothing from his backpack, which had all kinds of different things in it, and got dressed. He purposefully never packed shoes, but was sure that he might regret the choice later if his flimsy human feet stepped on anything sharp.

“Hey big guy! Fancy seeing you all the way out here,” KC called enthusiastically towards Henry as he walked towards one of the only males he had ever met that was taller then him. Not once did he wonder if Henry wanted to be left alone, of course the big bear would be happy to see him!

Henry Jones
- Shelby -
29 years old
- 31 posts -
Oct 16 2017, 01:17 PM
It was the movement that attracted his attention first and Henry whirled to face what could be the threat. His nose shapeshifted, a habit of his he was finding hard to control even despite a run-in with a certain deer that suggested he should stop doing it. In this case though, it helped. The familiar smell of KC was presented to him. Well, the smell of KC mixed with the fine notes of human. Laundry detergent. New hair. New body odours. Still KC.

His muzzle shrunk back into the human skin, revealing that same broad grin but his eye brows raised, an expression of glee and disbelief.

"KC!" he boomed.

His long legs broached the distance between them, stretching his arms out to capture KC in an affectionate move, one arm tight around his shoulders and the other ruffling the hair on his head, the only piece of golden fur he seemed to have left.

”Very fancy,” he replied jovially and loudly, releasing the dog from his grip, the questions coming rapidly, ”It happened to everyone eh? How did you get so big? Have you seen anyone else?”

Henry had a few run-ins, but none yet from the Orlov coven. Henry had tried his best to get close to the other Orlov familiars over the years and while he wasn’t always successful KC was one of the ones that stood out to him as being brave enough to play with the bear. Well, brave or just trusting, but either way KC qualified as a pal in Henry’s mind.
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