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welcome to we are deathless. we are located in fictional volstead, maine just off the upper northeastern corner of great lake matagamon. we are a supernatural site that focuses more on witches and the russian folklore we've adapted for our plot. if you feel like joining, please have a look around! - admin -

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 About the Railroad
- Emily -
29 years old
- 83 posts -
Jul 15 2017, 06:29 PM

abandoned railroad

so where exactly does it lead to?

Just south of town is an abandoned railroad line that seems to both go on forever as well as lead to absolutely nowhere. People have tried to follow it and end up right back in town with absolutely no memory of how they got there.

There are many a folktale and legends about the track, but nobody can exactly pinpoint which of them is real.

Some say it's just another magical protection to keep the town and heart protected, but some also say that if you can find the end of the tracks that you might find something evil at the end.

Because what if Koschei's body is actually at the end of the tracks and not in Russia like everyone thinks?

and so there is magic;
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