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 The way that we talk, Leo | November 20
- maggie -
twenty five years old
Lebedev Coven
- 17 posts -
Dec 15 2017, 09:37 PM
It was a little ridiculous to be so nervous over a small town newspaper interview, but it was her first. Besides this was a profile on the ballet studio and she wanted it to go perfectly. In her time in town Umeko had never met this Leo, her interviewer, yet. She had no idea what he looked like or what kind of person he was. He sounded young, but voices could be deceiving. He'd been polite and friendly over the phone, but what if that was just an act?

Sure the witches in town had easily accepted her, but she was still an outsider in this small town. Buying the building and making into her dance studio had been easier than getting students. Most parents weren't sure what to think of this former accomplished ballerina settling down in their small town. Even though she had managed to convince a nice handful of parents to have their daughters join she was sure there must be rumors flying around about her.

Checking herself in the mirror she caught a glimpse of a tall man walking to her door and quickly turned around with a smile. Her first impression of Leo was to be that he was tall, very tall. Walking over she greeted him,
"You must be Leo."

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