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 It's a monster mash, open! | Oct 31st
- Heather -
21 years old
- 11 posts -
Oct 15 2017, 01:01 AM
The roads were dotted with trick or treaters and people attending the haunted house down the street as Carina weaved passed them and towards the smaller house that was hosting a Whodunit dinner party. She actually decided to dress up this year as red riding hood and was adjusting the skirt on her dress before she watched people enter the house. She huddled in behind them, pulling at her cloak a bit before seeing people come and go as they took snacks. Some remained to mingle but she soon squeezed past them in search of the dining room or even a place to sit.

She paused when she noticed some refreshments on the table and grabbed a cup. After a close inspection, Cari discovered that it was soda. Which made sense, there were a few kids roaming around and having alcohol at arm's reach was never a good idea. She sipped on it quietly as she hovered at the edge of the main room she was in, her bright eyes flickering as she watched the people move and around her. It was a bit busy, but that was good, people had heard about it. Which meant she had competition to discover the "murderer" during the game but honestly, the more the merrier. It was no fun if you were the only one looking for clues.

She continued to drink her soda before noticing someone standing by one of the foyers leading into another part of the house. Perhaps they would do when the dinner party started?
"Uh, hey! Excuse me, sorry for bothering you. I'm Carina and I'm here to attend the dinner party. Do you know when it is and where do I need to go exactly?"
Besides in this house, of course, that much was obvious. The house wasn't too big either so she could've easily found it herself, but she wanted to wait and here if it was ready yet or if mingling here for the moment was her best option.
- Emily -
22 years old
- 58 posts -
Oct 26 2017, 05:59 PM
Colbie had decided that a Murder Mystery Dinner was far more her and Ben's thing than the haunted house. They could mingle a little and Ben could keep mostly to himself whilst he mulled over his dinner and the murderer and Colbie could chatter away and have her fun.

It was perfect.

Except that Colbie had inconveniently forgotten the info and wasn't sure if she had arrived too early or too late for the dinner and the fun. She had a cup of soda and a snack in hand as she wandered a bit aimlessly around the house. She spotted a few faces that she recognized and waved at them out of politeness, but for the first time in a long time, she felt shy -- nearly as shy as she knew Ben felt nearly all of the time.

So shy, in fact, that she startled when she heard a voice behind her. "Oh! Oh wow you startled me!" She blushed a little and then shook her head. "Honestly, I'm not exactly sure. I think the dinner is around 7? I think ... I'm kind of bad at remembering things lately ..." She bit her lip a little. Her dad was going through a particularly rough patch at the moment and all of her spare attention was diverted to him -- hence the outing tonight anyway.

Carina Aldemir
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