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 A Study in Red, For Emily | September 13th
- Heather -
24 years old
- 33 posts -
Sep 13 2017, 10:53 PM
user posted image
Being called to the school hadn't been on her itinerary for the day. Mia had been knee deep in editing when her cellphone rang and she was asked to come by to the art teacher's classroom once school was out. What had the twins done? Mia had a feeling it was probably Leda but it was art class, Mia had no idea what she could've done there besides perhaps draw something inappropriate or break art supplies. They were only ten after all. Xander's mood had improved at least, so if it was him, she would be surprised. He was more involved with his video game than anything else so he may have drawn something from one of his games. Not that she monitored him unless she caught a glimpse of what he had. Damn, should she be?

She barely remembered to close the fridge when she left. Part of her was second guessing herself if she had locked the door. Her hair was up a messy ponytail but at least she was dressed neatly and she didn't have the face of death. Mia turned of her turn signal after entering the school parking lot and awkwardly parallel parked. It was a shoddy job but at least she wasn't over the line, but the car wasn't exactly straight. Oh, well. She had parked, that was all that mattered. Stepping out of Ford Focus, Mia shut the door and pressed the car button before heading inside, narrowly avoiding a few kids as they ran to freedom. Now, those were the days.

Her footsteps echoed in the side hall as she made her way down, her eyes on the doorways. She remembered some of these classrooms. She had only been to this school briefly since she transferred in when she was eight, but some of the memories were still there. Though the decor had certainly changed. As soon as found the right room, Ma entered and noticed Leda and Xander already seated. Leda had her arms crossed and was leaning back in her chair but Xander looked nervous, he had that look he always got when he wanted to hide. Alright, so which was was it? She paused for a moment and instinctively glanced around for the teacher, waiting to see what had transpired at school today. When she saw an older woman there, she offered a little wave.

"Hey, ah, I'm their aunt Mia. I take it your Mrs. Briar?"

Her dark eyes flickered back to the twins, wondering for a moment she should remain standing or take a seat beside them but their desks were a little small, even for her, so Mia remained where she was.
"So, what did they do?"
she couldn't help but winced when she asked. They were good kids, really, but with everything that had happened so far, she couldn't blame them if they chose to act out. Mia still had to be the adult here, however, even if she felt greatly under qualified. It was weird being on the other side of this, but it was one of those things she had to do. Unfortunately.

Vasilisa Briar // 520 words // Hope this is okay!

- Emily -
30 years old
- 59 posts -
Sep 17 2017, 10:24 PM
Lissa had been subbing in for the elementary teacher that day. Her high school kids were all on a field trip to a neighbouring town and it left her with little to do, so when the other school had called and asked her to fill in, Lissa jumped at the chance.

Kids were sometimes easier; they liked using different mediums that Lissa didn't always get to use with her more mature student. Things like macaroni noodles and paper mache. Well, today she'd asked the kids to make portraits of their family and use any number of tools and things that she had set out in front of the classroom. Ribbons, noodles, string -- all manner of small objects and even paint, crayons, and markers had been set out.

Two students seemed to actively not participate and it concerned Lissa. She'd called their guardian in and waited for her to show up with a smiling face. "I am, yes. Call me Lissa, though, please." She held her hand out for the younger woman to shake.

"It's not so much what they did ... But what they didn't do. I asked the students to make portraits of their families using small objects and markers and the like and they just ... Refused." She wrinkled her nose and sat down at a desk. "All of the other students seemed incredibly excited to do the assignment but your niece and nephew ... They just really didn't. It concerns me a little, actually ..."

Euphemia Jiang
- Heather -
24 years old
- 33 posts -
Sep 28 2017, 10:11 PM
Parenting was hard, especially when Mia hadn't been around since day one. One of them resented her and the other one clung to her hoping for guidance. It was these two that compelled to return home for Max. They were her share of trouble and to be honest, some days she wondered if she was doing a good job. She hadn't pictured becoming caregiver so soon in life and had no one to compare her experiences with. As long as they were alive and safe, she had to assume she was doing something right. What she didn't feel particularly certain about was why she was here.

The twins certainly didn't give anything away. Leda had the same annoyed look on her face and Xavier just looked scared.
"Alright, Lissa,"
she nodded. This was one of the rare times where she was on a first name basis with a teacher. Normally she was on the other end, though when she was a college student, calling everyone doctor seemed like the best route to not offend and occasionally flatter her teachers, it was done out of respect. The tables had certainly turned. Mia's first thought was that they drew something inappropriate...though unlikely, she assumed was Leda. Or maybe she mouthed off in class. Xavier was too anxious to do much but that didn't exempt him from getting in trouble.

The moment Lissa spoke again, Mia's stomach felt heavy. Ah, so that's what this was about. Family portraits. That was a sore subject for both of them. Mia paused to let out a breath before turning towards the twins. Xavier didn't meet her gaze but Leda caught it and rolled her eyes. "There's nothing to draw." the young girl murmured before folding her arms. "Right, Xavi?" Xavi didn't say anything but instead looked at his shoes. His legs were moving back and forth in a quick succinct manner. Like he was attempting to shut people out. Turning back to Lissa, Mia pressed her lips together.
"I see. Their family dynamics have changed significantly in the past few months...."
Her gaze returned to the twins. Leda was still glaring but Xavier was finally looking up and seemed to echo a whisper of sorry as well.

Mia was out of her wavelength here. Was she supposed to offer some sort of contingency plan about this? They were only kids so she imagined they would figure out something.
"But that doesn't excuse their behavior."
Part of her wanted to ask if there was anything she could do about it because she wasn't coming up with anything in that department but Mia took a breath instead.
"Is there any way for them to make up the assignment?"
Might as well try to remedy the situation with what was available. She just had to hope that somehow this could be fixed, sooner rather than later.

Vasilisa Briar

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