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welcome to we are deathless. we are located in fictional volstead, maine just off the upper northeastern corner of great lake matagamon. we are a supernatural site that focuses more on witches and the russian folklore we've adapted for our plot. if you feel like joining, please have a look around! - admin -

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 Plot, Just a morsel of lore
- Emily -
29 years old
- 83 posts -
Jul 15 2017, 06:03 PM

deathless plot

the nitty-gritty plot and happenings of deathless

Two hundred years ago the Orlov coven escaped Russia to flee to America. They endured rough seas, treacherous hikes through the mountains and finally settled into a clearing deep in the woods of Maine. Their magic has always protected them from those that would do them harm; those that have been seeking out the last piece of Koschei's Emerald Heart.

Each summer in secret they perform a sacrificial ritual to boost the magic that protects their little town so they can't be found. But this year something went wrong and the cloaking spell was never redone. Now not only must they face their enemies and those that would wish to raise the most powerful witch in all of the world from the dead, but they have to deal with the consequences of magic gone wrong.

Familiars are learning that they can transform into humans; humans are discovering that some of them are developing special abilities; their beloved deceased are coming back to life, and witches from all over the world are showing up in town.

The small town of Volstead, Maine has finally learned that magic comes at a steep price and they're about to learn just how expensive that price really is.

and so there is magic;
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