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welcome to we are deathless. we are located in fictional volstead, maine just off the upper northeastern corner of great lake matagamon. we are a supernatural site that focuses more on witches and the russian folklore we've adapted for our plot. if you feel like joining, please have a look around! - admin -

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witches: 12
familiars: 07
humans: 05
ghosts: 01
male: 12
female: 12
nb & trans: 01
our app is credited to lauren @ shine. the cbox toggle, site templates, and code highlight are credited to nicole @shine. the affies table credited to shimmer @ shine. the colour palette for the member groups is credited to nekosama @color-hex. the skin was made exclusively by nat for WAD. all other content belongs to its rightful owner. do not steal.

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 Face Claim, Mandatory
- Emily -
29 years old
- 83 posts -
Jul 15 2017, 06:10 PM

face claim

please remember to sign up.

Reserves last for one week. You may extend your reserve one more week by posting in here. You may have up to two reserves at a time. There is no PB age to character age ratio, but please use common sense. The only PBs we currently do not allow are 'normal' people and people who've asked not to be used. If we can google them and get more than a couple of hits, you're probably good to go.

A - F

Anson Mount
Arden Cho
Ariana Grande
Audrey Kitching
auli'i cravalho
Blanca Suárez
Brit Marling
Brock O'Hurn
Bryden Jenkins
Cara Delevingne
chloe bennet
chris wood
Daniel Sharman
Danielle Campbell

G - L

gaspard ulliel
Grace Phipps
Harmony Boucher
Harumi Sato
Hikari Mori
Holland Roden
Kat McNamara
Katie McGrath
Kate Beckinsale
Kento Yamazaki
Luca Hollestelle

M - R

Mahesh Jadu
Matthew Bell
matthew daddario
Melissa Clarke
Remy Hii

S - Z

Scott Eastwood
Tanaya Beatty
Taylor Marie Hill
Tijn Elbers


Daisy Ridley is reserved for Katlynn until October 12
Taylor Swift is reserved for Katlynn until October 12
Emilia Clarke is reserved for Katylnn until October 12
Holland Roden is reserved for Heather until october 12th
Zoey Deutch is reserved for Heather until october 11th

claim and reserve

<span class="witch/familiar/human/ghost"><a href="profile link" title="Character First Last"> Celeb Firstname Lastname</a></span><br>
<b>first last</b> is reserved for <b>name</b> until <b>month ##</b><br />

and so there is magic;
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